Our vision and mission

Our vision is to establish Switzerland as an internationally-recognized center for sustainable chemistry research, education, and innovation. Our mission is to:

Develop new technologies

As part of global collaborative efforts, we aim to design new carbon-neutral value chains for the production of fuels and chemicals starting from renewable resources via catalytic processes. We will transfer fundamental discoveries into practical technologies.

Promote sustainable chemistry

Political, economic, legislative factors all influence the speed of adoption of new technologies. We will foster a transparent dialogue between academia, industry, and society to understand the needs, raise awareness of sustainable chemistry practices, and promote their implementation.

Educate future leaders

Reflecting the rapid advances in techniques for catalyst synthesis and characterization as well as the new opportunities brought by digital methods, NCCR Catalysis will modernize educational programs to prepare future leaders in the chemical industry.

Structure Swiss research

By creating an interdisciplinary network of groups working in all areas of catalysis and strengthening areas of weakness, we will create a world-renowned framework to promote, coordinate and advance catalysis science, ensuring Switzerland's continued competitiveness.