Diversity and ethics

An open, inclusive, and unbiased environment allows individuals to thrive and achieve their highest potential as a team. We are excited to bring people from a broad variety of personal, educational and professional backgrounds together, and to leverage the great potential that lies in their diversity. Our diversity and ethics activities are directed at the following groups.


NCCR Catalysis implements fair practices with respect to hiring and evaluation of young researchers, particularly to diminish unconscious biasing. We support and promote career development of talented young scientists through advertizing existing resources at the home and partner institutions. Prospective and current talents - particularly individuals from underrepresented groups and backgrounds - are welcome to contact the Project Office to seek advice on complementary mentoring schemes, career counselling, and soft skills workshops.


We have an open dialogue with leading figures in diversity, equity, inclusion, and ethics to identify best practices and how to make education and research in sustainable chemistry more accessible and inclusive, and will adapt and advertise our program accordingly. In all committees and events, we seek and highlight fair representation, and check communications for unintentional discrimination.

NCCR Catalysis members

We promote a culture of merit‐based recognition, fair gender representation, and eliminating discrimination based on personal identity. To this end, we will establish a NCCR Catalysis code of conduct with information on how to identify prejudice, discrimination, research falsification, and to react in the case of misconduct. Based on the home institutions' framework, we will implement a gender action plan and survey the effectiveness of measures taken to fix the leaky pipeline. We ensure the provision of flexible working arrangements to balance work and care duties, and promote and support established initiatives ("NCCR Flexibility grants for NCCR postdocs and doctoral students with family care duties"). Together with the home and partner institutions, we organize trainings on diversity, equity and inclusion, and courses on scientific, teaching, and data ethics.


NCCR Catalysis will discuss ethical society issues related to our program with the general public through visual media, especially to promote the need for a new carbon-neutral industry and foster the acceptance for new technologies and products. We endeavor to highlight the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion and ethics in research and for a more sustainable and equitable society through visual media and presentations at events.


Dr. Marie-Francine Lagadec

Dr. Marie-Francine Lagadec
Program Officer

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