SCNAT Platform Chemistry Ethics Series 2023 ETH Zurich workshop

The 2023 SCNAT Platform Chemistry Ethics Series at ETH Zurich is organized by SCNAT, ETH Zurich, and its Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, D-CHAB. With the union of the doctorate students, postdocs, and scientific staff of D-CHAB, VAC, and the Society for Women in Natural Sciences, WiNS, NCCR Catalysis supports this year’s workshop on Recognizing and Overcoming Bias.

The opening talks are given by Prof. Lee Penn, University of Minnesota (Images as Representations of Reality”) and Kaila Yallum, UniBe (Implicit Bias in Experimental Research”). Prof. Lee Penn will then address “How to Overcome Implicit Bias Everyday”, followed by interactive discussions.

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